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Look Out Cerculars(LOC) Meaning

25.9 The Look Out Circulars are opened to trace the absconding criminals and also to prevent
and monitor effectively the entry or exit of persons who may be required by law enforcement
25.9.1 The basic substantive guidelines regarding the publication of the LOCs in relation
to Indian citizens issued by the MHA enunciate the following four cardinal
25.9.2 The request for opening of LOC is required to be made to all immigration Checkposts
in the country in the Official Format prescribed by the MHA.
25.9.3 The request for opening of LOC must invariably be issued with the approval of an
Officer not below the rank of Deputy Secretary to the Government of India/Joint
Secretary in the State Government/ Superintendent of Police concerned at the
district level.
25.9.4 The originating agency must ensure that complete identifying personal particulars
of the person, in respect of whom the LOC is to be opened, are clearly mentioned
in the prescribed proforma. The LOC will not be opened for less than three
identity parameters other than name of the subject.
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25.9.5 An LOC is valid for a period of one year. However, in case the originating agency
wants to extend the validity beyond one year it can ask for the extension before
the expiry of the one year period. If no request is made for the extension of the
LOC within the stipulated period of one year, the Immigration Officer concerned is
authorized to suspend the LOC.

Procedure to quash the LOC:

if any who aggrieved by this proceeding and wants to quash the LOC can file a petition before the Ho:ble High Court under section 482 Crpc for quashing the proceeding.

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